Missing, Presumed Panda

October 13, 2019

Abstract Tech

Fingers crossed, but I believe all of the challenging development tasks for Red Panda Finder are complete. The last major feature I finished was a parser that builds a tree of search result sets based on some combination of subject names (pandas, zoos) and keywords. Plenty of work remains — I want to auto-generate timeline pages that show the panda’s life based on their sequence of zoos and neighbor animals. Of course, someday I hope to implement a WebGL browser-based family tree too.

But all projects have diminishing returns over time. At least with Red Panda Finder, adding a few photos and animals over time isn't a giant effort, and it keeps these precious little angels close to my heart.

I’ve started doing little recordings again, and I have a violin recital in under two weeks to practice for. One thing I’d like to do is start recording short pieces for people to use in their projects. Rather than think in terms of albums, to start with something lower-stakes, just as studies that might be useful for others. If the music finds its way into a red panda video on Instagram or YouTube, I’m sure I’ll be thrilled.