Galaxies of Egypt

July 19, 2017


With a new version of Constantina released and live, I thought I’d indulge a graphic idea I’ve had for a couple of months. While the project might have only taken 30 minutes, the design employs a retro-futuristic typeface that's at least 50 years old, whose name has been collectively forgotten from the entire English-speaking Internet.

Meanwhile, on the fantasy Kobaïa-On-Line intergalactic network, their financial institutions and official documents are liberally slathered in this unknown typeface. At small type points, hopefully they used something vaguely more readable, though no less delightfully obscure.

So, the plan was to take two of my favorite science-fiction egyptological musical passions, harmonize them into a unified design, and sell a tiny batch of T-Shirts. Whoever buys one of these fusions of the Hieroglyphics and Magma band logos, is a very precious snowflake that I would love to talk music with!

Hiero Day 2015Stevie’s Alien Baby

But after three evenings of almost-totally failed searching on fontspring, whatthefont, identifont, and countless others, ingesting new typography jargon, searching by foundries and original creators, and grasping at metadata for anything resembling my curio vampiric triangular block capitals, I almost wanted to recreate this nameless enigma from scratch! For now though, I have a typeface that almost hits the same pre-disco apocalyptic emotional cues. I grimace at its relatively amateur feel, and how its name actively mocks my attempts to bend the Internet towards appreciating rare typographical wonders that only appear on album covers by Magma and Stevie Wonder.

Magma, Y'all

The typeface is called Bollocks. Yep. Hiero, y’all. Fire for your third eye.