Start Building

February 26, 2017


Why is it so hard to start something new? I’m not sure if it’s knowing the time sink of a project prior to starting, not wanting to fail after spending that time, being afraid of new things or changes that you can’t expect, or maybe just fear itself — nothing to be afraid of!

I want Constantina, the engine behind this site, to become a community platform. When I first wrote Constantina in 2014, my goal was having a easily-browsable web journal that gave you my thoughts and feelings in the exact structure and aesthetic I intended. In the three years since, I’ve become more interested in connecting with peers and less interested in having an audience. Although I want people to care about the things I have conviction in and spend hours on, without power or excess social signalling, nobody really cares about what I do. While doing projects in my isolated way fuels the engine of my life’s meaning, that engine doesn’t power anyone else. So hopefully Constantina helps me find a small group whose engines run together.

In the meantime, the juggling continues. Barber’s violin concerto is on my practice list, the authentication/session handling for Constantina has been designed and awaits becoming real code, and San Jose is recovering from one of the nastier floods in recent memory. May none of your life’s new beginnings turn out to be false starts!