Rhodes Scholar

May 31, 2016

Not a Rhodes

It’s been a rush of events and commitments rescheduled at the eleventh hour. I even missed a violin recital last weekend — the string quartet session coming up will be punishment if I don’t squeeze in practice time! No new works in progress or recordings since January has been a disappointment.

And yet, I’ve never been afforded such great opportunities to collaborate at social gatherings. A few of us in the office have had amazing impromptu jam sessions, jamming on old Metroid and Zelda favorites, songs that persist long after the memory of the games have faded. In these jams, easy harmony like the Norfair theme can go on forever, guitars and bass interlocking in E — whereas Final Fantasy’s battle music is crammed with chord changes and coordination points.

Props must go out to the Fender rhodes piano I’ve been lucky enough to play — it’s got that mealy, sustained sine-wave decay that covers up bad keyboard work just like the damper pedal does on a real piano!